A fireplace does more than just provide warmth, it’s a gathering place for family and friends, and often serves as the focal point for your entire living area. We can turn your fireplace surround into a true masterpiece. How about an Antico Wood Vein Marble surround? Or perhaps something more exotic like a backlit Red River Onyx? The possibilities are endless. If you can dream it, we can build it! (link to fireplace images)

Rethinking gas & traditional fireplaces:

More and more people are discovering the advantages of the latest generation of electric fireplaces. I know what you’re thinking...”Electric fireplaces? Really? Yes, really. Years ago fireplaces were designed with one primary goal in mind, to provide heat. But our homes are comfortably heated today, and what we want from a fireplace is not heat anymore, it’s ambiance. An electric fireplace today gives you the look of a gas fireplace but allows you to decide whether or not you want heat. What’s the advantage? It’d dramatic! This allows you to enjoy all the ambiance and soothing, mesmerizing atmosphere provided by a fireplace YEAR ROUND, not just December and January! So relax and unwind with a good movie anytime of the year and you can actually enjoy your fireplace!


Without question, Dimplex is the foremost leader in this technology. We have partnered with Dimplex and are proud to carry their industry leading line of vapor/electric fireplaces. Here’s some links to learn more about Dimplex, or to see it first hand, come visit our showroom!

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STŌNWORKS is an exclusive dealer of DesignerStone®Panels. DSP is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Their 6,000 sq ft showroom is located in the exclusive Toronto International Design Center. Their innovative stone panels are made up of a front layer of thinly cut real stone (granite, travertine, onyx and marble) adhered to a unique backing which is then engineered using the most modern patented technology to create an extremely strong and lightweight stone-faced structure. Creating a natural stone panel that is stronger and much lighter than traditional large slabs of the same stone. Resulting in faster installations, no breakage during install or transit, no weight restrictions, and it’s easier on the environment.