Kitchens & Dining

Let’s face it, the kitchen is the most popular room in the house! Our Designer Stone Panels are the perfect solution for backsplashes, open walls, wine racks and more.

Stone selections to match any decor! Over 100 designer stone options to choose from including clean white carrara marble, modern simple quartzite and travertine options, or perhaps a dramatic black onyx for a bold statement.

Stone vs. Tile

There are several advantage of choosing real stone over tile for your kitchen or dining room area, here’s just a couple. Seamless installation with no grout lines. Our panels are large (5’ x 8’) and can be custom cut on site to provide a seamless solid stone solution. Vein patterns match allowing us to continue patterns even further, or cut, join and miter to create a waterfall look. And, we can complete most typical kitchen/backsplash application in as little as one day, so you can resume normal kitchen life immediately!

Check out these images of Designer Stone Panels in kitchens, dining rooms and more!.

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STŌNWORKS is an exclusive dealer of DesignerStone®Panels. DSP is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Their 6,000 sq ft showroom is located in the exclusive Toronto International Design Center. Their innovative stone panels are made up of a front layer of thinly cut real stone (granite, travertine, onyx and marble) adhered to a unique backing which is then engineered using the most modern patented technology to create an extremely strong and lightweight stone-faced structure. Creating a natural stone panel that is stronger and much lighter than traditional large slabs of the same stone. Resulting in faster installations, no breakage during install or transit, no weight restrictions, and it’s easier on the environment.